Billboards Work For Ski Resorts

Americans spent 70% percent of their waking hours out of the house and, on average, 20 hours per week on the road. Reach consumers while they are on the go, and put your ski resort front and center using a medium that is hard to ignore.

Reach Your Audience

Billboard advertising has long been a proven and highly effective medium for ski resorts seeking to fill their lifts and attract skiers, snowboarders and winter sports enthusiasts across the country. With Lamar Advertising’s full range of digital capabilities, resorts can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your outdoor campaigns, reaching and engaging target audiences in a more meaningful, memorable and impactful way.

Ski Resorts

Leverage Lamar's Digital Billboard Network to Increase Sales for Your Ski Resort

You can leverage Lamar’s digital network to deliver customized messages to prospective visitors triggered by any number of variables such as current weather, real-time mountain conditions, snow levels, trail availability, discount pricing promotions and more. By displaying relevant and timely content, you can keep your ski resort relevant and top-of-mind, boosting lift ticket sales and encouraging people from across the country to take action and secure space at your resort.


Ski Resorts

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